Who We Serve & Types of Treatment

At the Human Growth Center, our interdisciplinary team allows us to serve a variety of individuals with a broad range of issues. We work with children, tweens, teenagers, young adults, adults, and older adults. We also utilize a variety of approaches during your sessions. We customize each client’s treatment depending on your needs and interests.

*Please note that our psychiatrist, Dr. Verret, only serves adults 18 years of age and older. He does not see children, tweens, or teenagers. However, if a child, tween, or teenager is in treatment with us and needs a medication evaluation, we have referrals available.

Most of our clients begin with individual counseling. This is speaking one on one with a therapist. In addition to individual counseling, we also offer group therapy. Our groups include but are not limited to veteran’s support, men’s support, weight loss, forensic men’s support, and forensic women’s support. To inquire about joining a group, please contact our center to speak to a clinician for more information.

Our clinicians are trained to work with couples. Types of couples therapy include but are not limited to pre-marital counseling, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, and separation counseling. We also offer family therapy. In family therapy, the family is treated as a unit, and we work to address family history, issues within the family, and improve communication to be more positive, effective, and cohesive.

We also can conduct mental health evaluations for work, social security disability, or any other purpose. To see if we can meet your evaluation needs, contact us today.

If you have any questions, want to learn more, or want to schedule an appointment, contact us now.