Energy Psychology

Every person has a connection between the body and mind. Think about it – when you are sad, there is also physical response to your emotional sadness – tears fall from our eyes, our breathing becomes more shallow, our faces may turn red, etc. When people become anxious, our heart rate increases, it’s hard to catch our breath, we begin to sweat, fidget, etc.

Keeping this connection in mind, we introduce the powerful mind-body treatment called Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology is a complementary treatment in that it is able to heal personal blocks in a way that talk therapy alone cannot do. It works by activating meridians and chakras through tapping or holding certain points on the body while thinking of the distress. Through this process, the distress will become neutralized, and you will be able to think of the stress without feeling the distressing response. Energy Psychology works tremendously for trauma, anxiety, depression, addictive urge, anger, fear, phobias, etc. Our bodies and minds are intertwined through our energy system, and this is what makes Energy Psychology so effective. If you have been feeling like talk therapy isn’t meeting your needs or you are not reaching your personal or emotional goals, contact us today to see if Energy Psychology is an option for you.