Addiction & Recovery Treatment

Addiction and recovery affects individuals mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At Human Growth, we understand addiction as a disease, and we treat it as such. Addiction and recovery sessions with us will empower you to be motivated for change, as well as provide hope for the future throughout your recovery. Our skilled and empathetic clinicians are here to help you unlock personal blocks to your recovery, as well as utilize more effective coping.

Addiction does not only affect the individual – parents, siblings, partners, children, and friends are all impacted in some way. Our staff is here to help you navigate addiction and its patterns your loved one is facing. We will help you identify dynamics between you and your loved one and how this may be impacting recovery in both positive and negative ways.

Our addiction and recovery treatment is not limited to just alcohol and other drugs – we also address gambling, food, and sex addictions. Contact us today for more information and to see if our program can meet your recovery needs at this time.